From Full-time to Consulting

Working full-time at a company over a sustained period can be fulfilling. You get to see your product and team evolve as the business grows and changes. You develop an intimate knowledge of your product and codebase. And there's something magical about being familiar with the history of a line of code, a name, or a feature. This level of intimacy with a product takes time to develop and is incredibly rewarding.

Over time, though, the magic wears off. Comfort can be a double edged sword when new problems, new processes and new people are what inspire you to grow and learn. I think there's value in focusing on breadth versus depth. Rather than spending years toiling away on the same problems, what if we could constantly be exposed to new problems in new domains? What if it was our job to work with people on a short term basis to help them solve their most pressing problems?

Around a month ago, I found myself in-between jobs and asking myself these same questions. I came to the conclusion that I want to work with a revolving door of new people and companies. I want more exposure to new problems and I want to leverage the skills I learned helping build Contently to solve them. It took some time, but I realized that consulting is a clear path forward. I'm excited to get started.